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Restore balance to your body and mind.

For all adults & teens.


Schedule a free consult with Emily

Let's discuss your wellness and healing goals! I'm Emily, certified Wellness Coach by Cornell University with a Master in Teaching from Stanford. I'd love to hear your story.

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Learn how to heal naturally

Learn about the 12 tenets to evolutionary healing through short and to-the-point educational modules.


Meet in private coaching sessions

Meet in private, one-on-one coaching sessions throughout your healing journey. Stay supported and on track so you see real results.

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Feel better

Increase your energy and vitality throughout the day. Sleep better at night. Reduce anxiety and overwhelm. Address your chronic health issues sustainably. 

Free webinar

How to Begin the Healing Process: Free Webinar with Emily

I'm guessing you're here because you feel off. Perhaps you can't even remember the last time you felt well. 

You’ve been to doctors, naturopaths or healers. Maybe you've tried supplements, detoxes, and diets. But still, your imbalances remain. You still don’t have answers. You’re still struggling to make the changes you want to make. 

I truly understand, because I went through this too.

Having come out on the other side, I can promise you

there is nothing inherently wrong with you, and you are not beyond repair. 

Your body and mind want to be in natural balance-- and I'd love to work with you in getting it there.


How We Heal

Natural healing foods

There's no magic pill. There's no flashy commodity that will solve all our health problems. To restore equilibrium, we'll actually go in the opposite direction of all the modern wellness fads:

To heal, we honor our evolutionary history-- how human bodies operated for 99% of our existence. Because you can't beat evolution. 

12 Tenets of Evolutionary Healing


Harness the Sun


Purify & Replenish Water


Reduce Toxins in Body Care



Food as Medicine


Balance Hormones


Optimize the Breath


Calm the Nervous System


Reduce EMF Exposure


Rest & Move


Detox the Home


Connect with Nature


Heart Center

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Join  me  in


path to healing

In the Natural Healing Program, we'll cover the

12 Tenets of Evolutionary Healing in to-the-point educational resources. You’ll also have one-on-one private coaching: I'll be right there alongside you answering your questions, cheering you on and helping you stay on track--because we simply can’t heal alone. I’ve seen plenty of people try, but it’s the personal support that really makes the difference.

Meet Your

Support: Emily

Master in Teaching, Stanford University

Wellness Coach Certificate, Cornell University

Mindfulness Training by Mindful Schools

Mindful & Well was born from my own wellness journey. I was chronically stressed and suffering from autoimmune diseases, cancer, IBS, alopecia, and hormonal imbalance. I spent years on a mission to heal, and in my desperation fell for quite a few “snake oil” health ploys.


But as I pored over health books and articles, I started to notice a pattern around the difference in human health pre- vs. post- Industrial Revolution. I was shocked to eventually find that most of our chronic health problems today arise from post-Industrial Revolution stressors and toxins.


I began to implement a more ancestral/pre-industrial way of living, with mindful practices to soothe my burnt-out nervous system. Yes, I was still using a computer and living in a city, but I made changes, where possible, to lead a more evolutionarily-appropriate lifestyle. 


Two months in, I felt better than I had in years. One year in, my diseases were almost completely in remission and I couldn't remember the last time my body and mind felt so good.


Today, it's my life's work to support others in restoring vitality and balance. Seeing this approach help people again and again brings me so much joy-- and affirmation that a return to natural, evolutionary balance is the surest path to healing. 


I'm looking forward to meeting you, and being here for you.

natural healing coach
Program details

What's included in the program?

Educational Modules

Modules cover the 12 tenets of evolutionary healing. Each module can be completed in 30-45 minutes and includes:

  • A succinct breakdown of the science and tradition behind the practice.

  • How-to-guide for applying the practice in your life. (For example, to detox the home, you'll learn which home cleaning products are proven safe, where to purchase non-/low- tox common home items & furniture, cooking & kitchen ware that's free of heavy metals and harmful chemicals, the best air purifiers, & more. Everything is also vetted for affordability and accessibility while also showcasing chic design.)

  • "If you only do one thing" suggestion at the end to help you determine where to start and what action item is most impactful.

  • An optional quiz to help solidify your knowledge.

Private Coaching

Your coaching sessions with Emily

can be used to:

  • Ask follow-up questions from the educational modules, or other health questions

  • Help keep you on track and accountable in your healing journey

  • Talk and have a listening ear about your health progress and obstacles


​Coaching features: 

  • Space your sessions however works best for you within one year of joining the program. Most people benefit from a session every 1-2 weeks or each time 1-2 educational modules are completed. 

  • Choose between 30-minute phone call sessions OR voice memo/text sessions (budget option)

  • Come up with a personalized protocol for your healing


"For years I had to take naps every afternoon because my energy was so low. Since starting this program and working with Emily, my energy levels and health have completely transformed and I haven't taken a nap since. Haha. I feel like a new person. "

Mike R., 32

Free water guide
purify water minerals

Ensure your water is free of toxins, and replenished in key minerals. 

Get a Free Guide
From the Natural Healing Module Purify & Replenish Water

Get a sample of a "Quick Guide," which are included in each module of the Natural Healing Program to summarize that module's top info.

Join the Natural Healing Program

You are the medicine.

Invest in feeling better from within.


7 one-on-one, 30-minute phone sessions


Lifetime access to the Natural Healing modules



7 one-on-one, 10-minute voice memo/text sessions


Lifetime access to the Natural Healing modules


Free Consult

Sign Up For A Free Consultation

Free Consultation Sign-up

20-minute initial phone call

Times that work for you in the next 3-4 days:

natural healing coach

You will receive an email within 24-48 hours to confirm a day and time. If for some reason you don't hear from me, please ping me at  I can't wait to meet you!



Text: (831) 471-7314

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Restore balance to your body and mind with free resources.

Newsletters are sent just a couple times per month... and no spammy stuff- promise! 

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