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3 Spotify Playlists For You

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Hi! I made you three carefully curated playlists on Spotify.

Theta brainwaves can be accessed during a deep meditative state, and they enable our nervous system to completely relax and regenerate. This playlist is designed to help you get into that state during meditation. There are no loud or startling noises, distracting melodies, nor lyrics-- just pure, soothing sound. I listen to this almost every day, alternating between it and guided meditations.

This playlist is meant to be enjoyed as relaxing background music. Best for journaling, doing work, studying, or zoning out on a break. This music encourages calm and focus so you can accomplish tasks from the heart rather than from a busy or stressed mind-state.

Embodied movement is an important tenet of the Mindful & Well program; it encompasses yoga, qi gong, dance, meditative walking, and any other gentle movement in which you are strengthening the mind-body connection. If you use this playlist for yoga, the last three songs are intended for savasana.

I hope you enjoy!

💛 Emily

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For youth & adults

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Thanks for stopping by!


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