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Deep, Natural Sleep

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improve your health and heal your body through sleep

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What is "natural" sleep? 


Your body is built to fall asleep quickly and sleep deeply each night.


But most of us today do not experience such utopian sleep-- and the more time goes on, the worse things seem to become: people get two fewer hours of sleep a night than they did in the 1950s, according to a team of sleep researchers from Oxford, Harvard, and Cambridge.


In our busy modern world, we have moved farther and farther away from our natural light-dark cycle. A host of factors deprive us of a proper night's rest: from mineral deficiencies to light pollution to high levels of electromagnetic exposure. 


As a result, we experience increased anxiety, stress, and health problems. Many experts have deemed our modern struggle with sleep a public health crisis.

Fortunately, there are some natural approaches we can take to get better quality and quantity of sleep. This guide features my top 10 natural sleep helpers, many of which you may not have ever heard of!


All help restore your nervous system to homeostasis through nature-based approaches. No fancy technology, no drugs-- not even supplements are needed! 


Sweet dreams... for many moons to come. 

Hi! I'm Emily.

My greatest motivation is helping others embody their best, healthiest selves.

I teach wellness and healing through natural living and mindful practices.

I am a Cornell University-certified wellness coach with an MA in Teaching

from Stanford University. More importantly, I have undergone my own healing

journey after being plagued with multiple autoimmune disorders, IBS, and a slew

of other chronic health conditions.


It took many years for me to make it past all the diets, detox fads, and supplements to discover a natural and science-backed approach to wellness: one that emphasizes stress relief, non-toxic living, and connection with nature. My goal is to help others skip over years of chasing fads and implement a truly holistic and effective approach to healing. 


One of the most important pillars of natural wellness that I emphasize is proper rest. I hope this guide to deep, natural sleep helps you sleep sweetly tonight and provide a much-needed healing respite for your mind and body. Enjoy. 





Get My Free Guide to Deep, Natural Sleep

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