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Online Course

Natural Healing

& Wellness 

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a natural, evolutionary
approach to wellness & healing

This course is for those who experience:

  • Persistent stress or difficulty relaxing

  • Physical disease or discomfort you can’t seem to heal

  • Confusion about all the conflicting wellness advice out there

  • Disillusionment with all the supplements, diet fads, and consumerism of the wellness industry

  • A lack of confidence in your body and its ability to heal


And who are looking to feel:

  • Educated and clear on how to go about healing

  • Able to finally let go of tension and relax

  • Trust in their body and mind to function its best

  • Able to enjoy day-to-day activities without chronic pain, illness, or discomfort


Hi! I'm Emily.


My greatest motivation is to help others embody their best,

healthiest selves.


I created this course to empower others to heal and

discover wellness in a way that is genuinely all-natural-- and that

doesn't rely on quick fixes or questionable wellness ploys. 

If you relate to anything on the list above, I hope you'll join me in the course.

I'm looking forward to being here for you in your wellness and healing journey.



Certified Wellness Coach, Cornell University

MA in Teaching, Stanford University

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What's included in the course?

In this practical and to-the-point course (it can be completed in just one-two days!), you will learn all you need to know about:

Reducing toxins in body care (skin, hair, dental)

Food as healing medicine

Resetting your nervous system with mindfulness

Harnessing the sun & natural light

Reducing harmful electromagnetic fields

Optimizing the breath

Clearing toxins from the home

Removing chemicals from your water

Balancing rest & movement

Grounding and reconnecting to nature

Balancing hormones 

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The course blends video & audio recordings, written guides, and other interactive elements to keep you engaged. And to make things as easy as possible for you, it's meant to be completed in just 1-2 days!

Natural Healing &

Wellness Course

  • EVERYTHING you need to know for natural healing and wellness
  • No unnecessary fluff! Direct and to-the-point information
  • Taught by Emily, Cornell-Certified Wellness Coach, Stanford MA in Teaching


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Hi! I'm Emily. I created Mindful & Well to teach my unique approach to

wellness and healing through natural living and mindful practices.

I am a Cornell University-certified wellness coach with an MA in Teaching

from Stanford University. More importantly, I have undergone my own healing

journey after being plagued with multiple autoimmune disorders, IBS, and a slew

of other chronic health conditions.


It took many years for me to make it past all the diets, detox fads, and supplements to discover a natural and science-backed approach to wellness: one that emphasizes stress relief, non-toxic living, and connection with nature. My goal is to help others skip over years of chasing fads and implement a truly holistic and effective approach to healing. 

I look forward to being here for you.




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Natural Healing & Wellness Course

a natural, evolutionary
approach to wellness & healing
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