Virtual Sessions

Online private coaching for kids, parents, & educators

Even as we physically distance during this COVID-19 chapter, we can remain connected.


Mindful & Well Education is offering 40-minute virtual sessions to help youth, parents, and educators remain mindful, connected, and well during this challenging time. 


Parents & guardians: if you need a break from home-schooling, these sessions both occupy some of your kids' time and help them feel more grounded during the current uncertainty. Or, take this opportunity to give yourself some much-needed quiet time and self-care with your own private session sans the kids. 

Private virtual sessions are also open to families and educators. 

There is no better time than now to begin or deepen a regular mindfulness and wellness practice. 

In the Mindful & Well virtual sessions, we practice:


Individual Sessions (one person)

40 minute sessions

Sliding Scale: $35-55

Family/group Sessions (2-4 people)

40 minute sessions

Sliding Scale: $45-65

Each session is personalized to meet the needs of the individuals. Mindfulness and wellness coaching includes any combination of meditation, mindful movement, heartfulness practices, written reflection, goal-setting, discussion, and other practices.


Students are introduced to mindfulness through different activities and modalities of practice. 


(What is mindfulness?)


No previous yoga experience necessary. A gentle yoga session helps students release the physical impacts of stress, and reset their nervous system. 


Heartfulness practices help nurture positive mind states such as compassion and gratitude.

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About Emily Listmann

Founder of Mindful & Well Education

Hello! I'm Emily. I was a middle and high school Social Studies teacher in the Bay

Area for four years after obtaining my Master in Teaching from Stanford University.

Before that, I taught English in the public schools in Spain, SAT Prep at Kaplan, and

I operated my own tutoring business. Through these years of experience working in

the educational system, I was keenly aware of the toxic levels of stress, anxiety, and

depression faced by so many. I saw how students, teachers, administrators, and parents

were struggling to find equilibrium in their overstretched daily schedules. My heart ached for

my students who were suffering and overwhelmed instead of feeling nourished during a crucial time

of development. I was compelled to create Mindful & Well as an antidote to this epidemic of toxic stress, and to support students, parents, and educators in a way I wasn't able to do as a full-time teacher. I truly believe that a state of mindfulness and wellness is the foundation for all positive learning and development. The Mindful & Well program enables children, parents, and educators to become their whole, best selves.


My approach to teaching has always been to work collaboratively with my students to meet their unique needs. It is of paramount importance to me to build a positive rapport with my students and ensure that they feel comfortable, supported, and accepted for who they are. The curriculum I created for Mindful & Well reflects that approach and is inclusive for all types of learners.

My experience in education includes:

  • Master in Arts in Teaching from Stanford University
  • Graduate of the Mindful Schools Educator Essentials Program, as well as the Mindfulness Fundamentals Course​
  • Creator of a mindfulness course for grades 7 & 8 at Woodland School (Portola Valley, CA)
  • 9th grade mentor and advisor, focusing in social-emotional learning at Summit Preparatory High School (Redwood City, CA)
  • 7th + 8th grade mentor and advisor in social-emotional learning at Woodland School
  • Curriculum Head of the Social Studies Department for grades K-8 at Woodland School 
  • Middle school Social Studies teacher at Woodland School
  • High school Social Studies teacher at Summit Preparatory High School
  • Training in social-emotional education from the Institute for Social-Emotional Learning
  • Over six years of private tutoring experience
  • English Teacher in the public schools in San Sebastian, Spain
  • SAT Test Prep Teacher and Tutor for Kaplan Test Prep

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Why mindfulness and wellness education for children?

It is of paramount importance that children are well in mind and body, as this is foundational to the development and learning that carries children into their adult lives. Unfortunately, students today experience unprecedented stress, negative emotions, and health problems. In a survey of 22,000 high school students conducted by Yale University, students reported feeling negative emotions such as stress, fatigue, and boredom an average of 75% of the time (Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence). These feelings of stress and other negative emotions early in life has been shown to adversely impact memory, physical and mental health, behavior, and learning ability for decades to come (Harvard University Center on the Developing Child). How can we expect children who are physically and emotionally malnourished to think deeply about a problem, or creatively navigate a large project?

But that can change, if we choose to invest in education and practical strategies for our children's health and wellness. Multiple clinical studies have proven that mindfulness and wellness education increases positive brain responses in children and teens. In addition to the benefits listed above, this includes improving children's ability to focus and pay attention, show care for others, increase calm and self control, and decrease depressive and anxiety symptoms. Additionally, an improved immune system, stress response, strength, and balance are just a few of the physical benefits of activities like yoga and hiking in nature (Harvard Medical School).

Everyone can benefit from a mindful & well education.

Significantly reduce stress
Increase calm, focus, and resilience 
Improve sleep
Nurture positive mind states such as kindness, compassion, and gratitude
Improve self-confidence
Instill a greater sense of purpose and connection with the world around us

So, what exactly is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of becoming aware and accepting of the present moment, without judgment. 

When we are mindful, we become non-judgmentally attuned to what is happening in the momentMindfulness can be practiced throughout our day, whether in a seated meditation or while taking a high-stakes exam. Mindfulness in education has gained in popularity in recent years as an antidote to the unprecedented levels of stress, anxiety, and depression among youth and adults alike.

Mindfulness practice is show to:

Mindful & Well incorporates wellness education, in addition to mindfulness practices into our curriculum.


Wellness, or the general state of health and happiness, is also increasingly recognized as essential to a K-12 education. The Mindful & Well program emphasizes self-care of the body and mind through wellness practices such as heartfulness, embodied movement (such as yoga and qi gong), mindfulness, and connection with nature.