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Online Course

Natural Wellness & Healing



Online Course

Reduce Toxins: Induce Healing


Coming Soon

All the information in the Reduce Toxins: Induce Healing course is included in the Natural Wellness & Healing course. However, if you want to start small, you may purchase the Reduce Toxins course first, and then have that amount deducted from the Natural Wellness & Healing course price if you choose to purchase the Natural Wellness & Healing course later on. To claim your deduction, send me an email at



Hi! I'm Emily. I created Mindful & Well to teach my unique approach to

wellness and healing through natural living and mindful practices.

I am a Cornell University-certified wellness coach with an MA in Teaching

from Stanford University. More importantly, I have undergone my own healing

journey after being plagued with multiple autoimmune disorders, IBS, and a slew

of other chronic health conditions.


It took many years for me to make it past all the diets, detox fads, and supplements to discover a natural and science-backed approach to wellness: one that emphasizes stress relief, non-toxic living, and connection with nature. My goal is to help others skip over years of chasing fads and implement a truly holistic and effective approach to healing. 

My online courses provide an affordable, easy-to-digest format for everyone seeking to improve their wellness and heal the body and mind. 

I look forward to being here for you!




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