Online Coaching

Virtual mindfulness & wellness coaching

for kids, parents, & educators

In Mindful & Well Education virtual sessions, we practice:

What do we do in Mindful & Well virtual sessions? 


Students are introduced to mindfulness through different activities and modalities of practice. 


(What is mindfulness?)


Heartfulness practices help nurture positive mind states such as compassion and gratitude.

Embodied Movement

Gentle yoga and other mindful movement helps students release the physical impacts of stress.

Online coaching is a convenient way to learn simple strategies for reducing stress and improving wellness.


Mindful & Well Education offers virtual mindfulness & wellness coaching to kids ages 11+, parents, & educators. 

Why try mindfulness & wellness coaching?


Everyone can benefit from practicing mindfulness and wellness. Our program's simple self-care strategies are accessible and effective for all youth, parents, & educators. Our wellness coaching helps to markedly reduce stress and find relief from other difficult emotions and experiences.


Coaching is an especially great fit for youth, parents, & educators who experience:

Overwhelm with academic, career, or family demands

Toxic stress

Anxiety or depression

Physical tension or discomfort

Addiction to electronic devices and/or social media

Difficulty sleeping

High emotional or environmental sensitivity

Issues with body image

Difficulty maintaining good grades

Overwork from high achievement

Bullying or harassment from peers

Unhealthy eating habits or relationship with exercise

Difficulty with appropriate social responses

Stagnation in achieving personal or academic goals

Trouble regulating emotions

Difficulty being still or relaxing, i.e. overactive or “high-strung”

A lack of purpose or connection to the world around them

A tendency to feel guilt or shame, or to be too hard on themselves

**and** those who are well and thriving and just want to take time for self-care!


Everyone's experience in the Mindful & Well program is individual, and personalized according to their needs. Please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss specific needs for you or your child/students. Email me at or text (831) 471-7314.

About Your Coach, Emily

Hi! I'm Emily. I was a middle and high school Social Studies teacher in the Bay

Area of California for four years after obtaining my MA in Teaching from Stanford

University. As a teacher, I was keenly aware of the toxic levels of stress, anxiety, and

depression faced by so many in the education system. I saw how students,

educators, and parents were struggling to find equilibrium in their overstretched

daily schedules. My heart ached for my students who were suffering and

overwhelmed instead of feeling nourished during a crucial time of development.

I was compelled to create Mindful & Well as an antidote to this epidemic of toxic stress,

and to support students, parents, and educators in a way I wasn't able to do as a full-time

teacher. I truly believe that a state of mindfulness and wellness is the foundation for all academic, career,

and personal success. The Mindful & Well program enables children, parents, and educators to reduce stress and become their whole, best selves.


My approach to teaching has always been to work collaboratively with my students to meet their unique needs. It is SO important to me to build a positive rapport with my students and ensure that they feel comfortable, supported, and accepted for who they are. The curriculum I created for Mindful & Well reflects that approach and is inclusive for all types of learners.

My experience in education includes:

  • Master in Arts in Teaching from Stanford University
  • Graduate of the Mindful Schools Educator Essentials Program, as well as the Mindfulness Fundamentals Course​
  • Creator of a mindfulness course for grades 7 & 8 at Woodland School (Portola Valley, CA)
  • 9th grade mentor and advisor, focusing in social-emotional learning at Summit Preparatory High School (Redwood City, CA)
  • 7th + 8th grade mentor and advisor in social-emotional learning at Woodland School
  • Curriculum Head of the Social Studies Department for grades K-8 at Woodland School 
  • Middle school Social Studies teacher at Woodland School
  • High school Social Studies teacher at Summit Preparatory High School
  • Training in social-emotional education from the Institute for Social-Emotional Learning
  • Over eight years of private tutoring experience
  • English Teacher in the public schools in San Sebastian, Spain

Online Session Rates


Online coaching is available for youth ages 11+, parents, and educators. Each session is personalized to meet the needs of the individuals. Mindfulness and wellness coaching includes any combination of meditation, mindful movement, heartfulness practices, connection with nature, written reflection, goal-setting, discussion, and many other practices.

Private session rates are on a sliding scale, allowing you to pay what you can afford.

Mindful & Well also offers scholarships for low-income families and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. Please send me an email at for more info!

Families of 2-3 people

Individual Sessions (1 person)

or other groups of two 

60 minutes

Sliding Scale


90 minutes

Sliding Scale







Groups of 3-5 people

or families of 4-5

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