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Kids Summer Course

Mindful & Well Education

Kids Summer Course


On the West Side of Santa Cruz

Ages 11-14

Four 90-minute classes between August 10th-28th

Day and time of week TBD by family availability

This course is an opportunity for kids to practice mindfulness, heartfulness, embodied movement like yoga and qi gong, and to spend time in nature. The purpose is to reduce stress and help them feel more connected to themselves and others. And, importantly, we have fun!  ⁠
All students will remain 6 feet apart, and classes will take place outside. The course takes place on the West Side of Santa Cruz and I will work with family's schedules to determine what days and times work best to meet between August 10th-28th. In order to keep the environment COVID-safe and to ensure we have an intimate group, enrollment is limited to just four students. ⁠

Course Schedule

Tuesdays and Every Other Thursday

Every Other Thursday

The Setting

Mindful & Well is based in my welcoming home. With a private backyard canyon in nature, the location is ideal for the program. It is conveniently located on the West Side of Santa Cruz. 


In the Mindful & Well program, we practice:

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Embodied Movement

Gentle yoga sessions and other mindful movement practices help strengthen the mind-body connection and calm the nervous system

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Mindful Reflection

Mindful reflection encompasses mindfulness meditation, discussion, journaling, and mindful games and activities

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Heartfulness is the practice of cultivating positive mind states such as compassion, gratitude, and kindness. We do this through meditations, games, and more.

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Connection with 


Time outdoors and connection with nature is integral to our in-person sessions. We even find creative ways to bring the outdoors to our online sessions, too!

The goal of the program is to help students achieve wellness of the mind and body-- and to have fun in the process! 

Who is this summer course for?

This program is an especially great fit for kids who experience:

Overwhelm with academic, career, or family demands

Toxic stress

Anxiety or depression

Physical tension or discomfort

Addiction to electronic devices and/or social media

Difficulty sleeping

High emotional or environmental sensitivity

Issues with body image

Difficulty maintaining good grades

Overwork from high achievement

Bullying or harassment from peers

Unhealthy eating habits or relationship with exercise

Difficulty with appropriate social responses

Stagnation in achieving personal or academic goals

Trouble regulating emotions

Difficulty being still or relaxing, i.e. overactive or “high-strung”

A lack of purpose or connection to the world around them

A tendency to feel guilt or shame, or to be too hard on themselves

**and** those who are well and thriving and just want to take time for self-care!


Everyone's experience in the Mindful & Well program is individual, and personalized according to their needs. Please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss specific needs for you or your child/students. Email me at or text (831) 471-7314.

And an FAQ


Kids 2020

Summer Course


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About Mindful &

Well Education

Hi! I’m Emily. I created Mindful & Well

Education after years of seeing a glaring need

for more wellness in our education system. As a middle- and high-school history teacher, it was all too common to observe students, parents, & educators suffering from toxic stress and overwhelm. I felt compelled to develop a systemized, yet simple approach to help all in the education system improve wellness of the body and mind.


In the Mindful & Well program, youth, parents, and educators learn strategies for self-care and stress reduction. This state of greater well-being sets the foundation for success in all aspects of life: academic, career, and personal.


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