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Natural Healing
& Wellness

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a natural, evolutionary
approach to wellness & healing

What's covered in the webinar?

Reducing toxins in body care (skin, hair, dental)

Food as healing medicine

Resetting your nervous system with mindfulness

Harnessing the sun & natural light

Reducing harmful electromagnetic fields

Optimizing the breath

Clearing toxins from the home

Removing chemicals from your water

Balancing rest & movement

Grounding and reconnecting to nature

Balancing hormones 

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Hi! I'm Emily.


My greatest motivation is to help others embody their best,

healthiest selves.


I created this free webinar to empower others to heal and

discover wellness in a way that is genuinely all-natural-- and

that doesn't rely on quick fixes or questionable wellness ploys. 

If you relate to anything on the list below, then the information in

this course is just what your mind and body needs.



Certified Wellness Coach, Cornell University

MA in Teaching, Stanford University


This webinar is for those who experience:

  • Persistent stress or difficulty relaxing

  • Physical disease or discomfort you can’t seem to heal

  • Confusion about all the conflicting wellness advice out there

  • Disillusionment with all the supplements, diet fads, and consumerism of the wellness industry

  • Fatigue with modern technology and screen time

  • Feeling irked by all the unsubstantiated health fads and wellness claims on social media

  • A lack of confidence in your body and its ability to heal


If any of this resonates-- I feel you, and I’m so sorry you’re going through that. I have felt all of those things too.

I tried all the supplements (like , ALL of them) and all the diet fads. I went to doctor after doctor, to healer after healer, without clear answers and feeling increasingly misunderstood.


It wasn’t until I embraced a genuinely all-natural, evolutionary approach to healing that my body and mind began to improve.


Eventually, I came out on the other side-- I healed so much in my body and mind, and felt I couldn’t not help others do the same. 

I know “all-natural, evolutionary-based healing” might sound lofty and vague, but it’s actually a very practical step-by-step process. 


Thee information in this webinar is based in legitimate scientific research and ancient wisdom. Everything I teach has been proven to help in healing. No snake oil ploys here-- I can promise you that.


I created this webinar with the support of my Wellness Coaching Certification from Cornell University, my MA In Teaching from Stanford, and years of experience in teaching wellness.

 I promise that if you are able to implement even a few of the approaches in this course, you will feel lighter, healthier, and more well. 

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Join the FREE 45-minute webinar 

a natural, evolutionary
approach to wellness & healing

Questions? Need help? 

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