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Q: Is the Mindful & Well program appropriate for me or my child? 

A: The Mindful & Well Education curriculum can benefit anyone, even children or adults who are well and thriving. 

The program can also help those with specific challenges, such as:

Toxic stress

Anxiety or depression

Overwhelm with academic or extracurricular demands

Difficulty maintaining good grades

Overwork from high achievement

Physical tension or discomfort

Addiction to electronic devices and/or social media

Difficulty sleeping

Issues with body image

Bullying or harassment from peers

Unhealthy eating habits or relationship with exercise

High emotional or environmental sensitivity

Difficulty with appropriate social responses

Stagnation in achieving personal or academic goals

Difficulty being still or relaxing, i.e. overactive or “high-strung”

A lack of purpose or connection to the world around them

Trouble regulating emotions

A tendency to feel guilt or shame, or to be too hard on themselves

Please don't hesitate to send me (Emily) a message about you or your child's specific needs:

Q: Do you offer scholarships? 

A: Yes! Scholarships are available to low income students and/or students of color. Please contact for more info. I also offer a sliding scale for all services. 

Q: How does the sliding scale work?

A: You simply pay what you are able to afford. 

Q: What sorts of things do participants actually do in workshops and private sessions?

A: This is totally dependent on what you or your private group would like to focus on. Workshops and coaching sessions can be any combination of mindful practices and natural wellness. Some examples of mindful practices we might do would be meditation, heartfulness practices (building gratitude, compassion, etc.), reflective journaling, or mindful movement like gentle yoga. Some topics in natural wellness we can discuss and practice are connecting with nature, breath work, and clean/non-toxic living (just to name a few).


A typical session or workshop combining both mindful practices and natural wellness might look like this: we meet in my backyard on the West Side of Santa Cruz. The backyard is set in a small canyon green belt, so we are surrounded by fresh air, trees, and deer. We might start with an introduction to mindfulness, and a couple short mindfulness practices. From there, we would practice heartfulness-- for example, a gratitude exercise. We would then incorporate gentle yoga or other embodied movement, followed by more mindfulness and heartfulness exercises, journaling, or natural wellness strategies like grounding and connecting to nature. There is a nice balance of fun activities and opportunities for quiet reflection.

Q: Is this going to be too "woo-woo" or overtly spiritual for me or my kid?

A: I get it! It's an understandable question. Mindful & Well programs are 100% secular. I want people from all religious, spiritual, and non-religious backgrounds to feel welcome and comfortable. The Mindful & Well curriculum is based on scientific research and practices that are proven to provide a number of benefits, and I always provide opportunities to check in with my clients/students about their comfort level with any activity we do. 

Q: Can I do a session for my whole family?

A: Yes! Private coaching is available for families, parent/guardian and child, and more. Read more about private coaching here. 

Q: What do I or my child need to bring to sessions?

A: I provide yoga mats, meditation pillows, and blankets; you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer. Please bring a journal and pen to all workshops. Those enrolled in courses or private sessions will be provided with a journal, or they can bring their own. Please wear comfy clothes that you can stretch and relax in. 


You may also want to bring a water bottle, and a hat and/or sunscreen if you prefer to be in the sun  (though shade is always an option).

Q: Is any experience in mindfulness or natural wellness required for workshops or courses?

A: Nope. All are welcome!

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Mindfulness & Wellness Coaching
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