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Mindful & Well Saturday Workshops

For 4th-12th graders (divided into separate age groups)



Mindful & Well Education Workshops give children and teens the space to relax and reset over the weekend. Students have the opportunity to pause from homework, social media, and extracurriculars and give their bodies and minds some much-needed care. The goal of these workshops is for students to leave feeling more calm and content, and to have had fun along the way!

Workshops are also a great way for students to experience the Mindful & Well program without committing to a longer course. 

November 9th


December 7th


Attend one or both!

In the Mindful & Well Education workshops, we engage in:

Image by Zoltan Tasi


No previous yoga experience necessary. A gentle yoga session helps students release the physical impacts of stress, and reset their nervous system. 



Students are introduced to mindfulness through different activities and modalities of practice. 


(What is mindfulness?)



Heartfulness practices help nurture positive mind states such as compassion and gratitude.

About Mindful & Well Education


Hi! I’m Emily Listmann. I created Mindful & Well

because as a teacher, I am acutely aware of the

toxic levels of stress, anxiety, and depression faced by

children in our education system. I want to provide

students with an antidote to these negative feelings. In the Mindful & Well program, students learn to replace harmful habits and emotions with strategies for self-care and positive relationships. This positive mind state is the foundation of all learning: academic, social-emotional, and intuitive.


The Setting

Mindful & Well is based in my welcoming home. With a private backyard canyon in nature and nearby access to beautiful hiking, the location is ideal for the program. It is conveniently located on the West Side of Santa Cruz. 


Meet Missy!

Emily will be joined by Missy Bollengier for Mindful & Well Education's fall course and weekend workshops. Missy is also a former classroom educator with a degree in Childhood Development. She is a certified Yin Yoga teacher and will lead Mindful & Well youth through mindful, calming, and therapeutic movement and meditation in our fall programs. Missy runs her own business here in Santa Cruz called "Balance Your Life," supporting people of all ages in increasing self awareness and removing barriers to their happiness. She is a mother of four wonderful children, and her easy-going nature allows her to easily connect with youth. 

Missy is awesome, and we are so lucky to have her join us at Mindful & Well this fall! 


Mindful & Well

weekend workshop:



...for the four & a half hour Saturday workshop.

Includes all resources such as yoga mats, mindfulness pillows, and writing materials.


Special Offer

Refer another family/child who signs up, and both you and the referral will receive 20% off the price of the workshop!

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Fall Course
Tuesdays *or* Wednesdays
after school
for 4th-12th graders
Located at Escalona Dr. on the West Side of Santa Cruz
Mindfulness & Wellness Coaching
For children and teens ages 8-18
Located at Escalona Dr. on the West Side of Santa Cruz

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