Private Coaching

in Santa Cruz

for kids, families, & educators

Many parents or family members wish to have me work one-on-one with their child. Some parents, family members and educators want to practice mindfulness and wellness alongside their children or students. Others prefer to learn mindfulness and wellness strategies on their own, with the intention of bringing increased calm to their parenting or teaching. All approaches are welcome for private coaching.


All youth, parents, and educators can benefit from practicing mindfulness and wellness. 

This program is an especially great fit for people who experience:

Overwhelm with academic or extracurricular demands

Toxic stress

Anxiety or depression

Difficulty maintaining good grades

Overwork from high achievement

Physical tension or discomfort

Addiction to electronic devices and/or social media

Difficulty sleeping

Issues with body image

Bullying or harassment from peers

Unhealthy eating habits or relationship with exercise

High emotional or environmental sensitivity

Difficulty with appropriate social responses

Stagnation in achieving personal or academic goals

Difficulty being still or relaxing, i.e. overactive or “high-strung”

A lack of purpose or connection to the world around them

Trouble regulating emotions

A tendency to feel guilt or shame, or to be too hard on themselves

**and** those who are well and thriving and just need a time and place to have fun and relax!


Everyone's experience in the Mindful & Well program is individual, and personalized according to their needs. Please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss specific needs for you or your child/students.

In the Mindful & Well program, we practice...

Embodied Movement

Gentle yoga sessions and other mindful movement practices help strengthen the mind-body connection and calm the nervous system

Mindful Reflection

Mindful reflection encompasses mindfulness meditation, discussion, and journaling, and mindful games and activities


Heartfulness is the practice of cultivating positive mind states such as compassion, gratitude, and kindness. We do this through games, discussion, meditations, and more.

Connection with Nature

Time outdoors and connection with nature is integral to our in-person sessions. We even find creative ways to bring nature to our online sessions, too!

The goal of the program is to help students achieve wellness of the mind and body-- and to have fun in the process! 

The Setting

Mindful & Well is based in my welcoming home. With a private backyard canyon in nature, the location is ideal for the program. It is conveniently located on the West Side of Santa Cruz. 


Private Session Rates


Each session is personalized to meet the needs of the individuals. Mindfulness and wellness coaching includes any combination of meditation, mindful movement, heartfulness practices, connection with nature, written reflection, goal-setting, discussion, and many other practices.

Private session rates are on a sliding scale, allowing you to pay what you can afford.

Mindful & Well also offers scholarships for low-income families and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. Please send me an email at for more info!

Families of 2-3 people

Individual Sessions (1 person)

or other groups of two 

60 minutes

Sliding Scale


90 minutes

Sliding Scale







Groups of 3-5 people

or families of 4-5

Ready to sign up, or just have some questions?

About Your Coach,

Emily Listmann

Hi! I'm Emily. I was a middle and high school Social Studies teacher in the Bay

Area for four years after obtaining my Master in Teaching from Stanford University.

Before that, I taught English in the public schools in Spain, SAT Prep at Kaplan, and

I operated my own tutoring business. Through these years of experience working in

the educational system, I became acutely aware of the toxic levels of stress, anxiety, and

depression faced by students, educators, and parents. It was all too common to see my

students show up to school sleep deprived, anxious, stressed, and confused instead of nourished

and self-assured. Similarly, teachers (myself included) were overworked and under-resourced, and parents were overwhelmed with the pressure to help their kids achieve success. 


I was compelled to create Mindful & Well as an antidote to this epidemic of toxic stress, and to support students, parents, and educators in a way I wasn't able to do as a full-time teacher. The program is based on four tenets of wellness: mindfulness, heartfulness, embodied movement, and connection with nature. Not only have these helped me immensely, but they are scientifically proven methods for reducing stress and improving wellness of the mind and body.

I truly believe that this state of wellness is the foundation for all positive learning and development. 

My approach to teaching is collaborative, compassionate, and responsive to other's unique needs. It's important to me to build a positive rapport with students and ensure that they feel comfortable, supported, and accepted for who they are. The Mindful & Well curriculum reflects that approach and is inclusive for all types of learners. 

My experience in education includes:

  • Master in Arts in Teaching from Stanford University
  • Graduate of the Mindful Schools Educator Essentials Program, as well as the Mindfulness Fundamentals Course​
  • Creator of a mindfulness course for grades 7 & 8 at Woodland School (Portola Valley, CA)
  • 9th grade mentor and advisor, focusing in social-emotional learning at Summit Preparatory High School (Redwood City, CA)
  • 7th + 8th grade mentor and advisor in social-emotional learning at Woodland School
  • Curriculum Head of the Social Studies Department for grades K-8 at Woodland School 
  • Middle school Social Studies teacher at Woodland School
  • High school Social Studies teacher at Summit Preparatory High School
  • Training in social-emotional education from the Institute for Social-Emotional Learning
  • Over six years of private tutoring experience
  • English Teacher in the public schools in San Sebastian, Spain
  • SAT Test Prep Teacher and Tutor for Kaplan Test Prep

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